Visible Faith: Living a Fruitful Life in Christ


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By Linda Buxa

The Bible teaches that like a tree, your life produces fruit. And the quality of fruit others see and experience on the outside depends on the type of person you are on the inside, which is great news for you . . .

Because of Jesus, the Holy Spirit enables you not only to produce fruit in your life but to have that fruit grow in quality and quantity.

Discover how this process works through the Holy Spirit and start cultivating the spiritual fruit you want to see in yourself with this devotional journal.

This nine-week, step-by-step guide includes devotional thoughts, prayer prompts, application challenges, guided meditations, and Scripture readings to help you live and love more like Jesus.

Book Cover Type: Spiral-bound Paperback
Pages: 138
Dimensions: 6" X 9"

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Ledermann
Visible Faith

It’s a Beautiful Book! Inside and out!
I’m really enjoying studying it! The hardest part is pacing myself!! Love the spiral bond too!

Thank you, Jenny! So glad you're enjoying it!

Carol T
Beautiful, easy, meditative

The smooth, high quality paper and the spiral binding make it very easy and pleasurable to use this book. The structure and questions are repeated for each day so it helps create a meditative habit. It is pleasant not to have to flip back-and-forth to remember what you’re supposed to do, instead the focus is on absorbing God’s truth and reflecting on how His Spirit empowers you to bear fruit to God’s glory.

Thank you for the review, Carol!

Nathaniel Stephenson III
great product and book

awesome book

Thanks for reviewing Visible Faith, Nathaniel! So glad you enjoyed it.

sandra weir

I thought I knew a lot about these fruits of faith, but learned there's always more! I enjoy each day's study and have been adding verses as I find them in my regular Bible reading. I truly thank God for you, who have written the study, and Time of Grace who offered it to me and others! Thank you!

Thanks so much for your review, Sandy!

Margaret J Seifert

I love this book,it is beautifully written, easy to understand. I read a devotion everyday! Thank you Linda!

Thank you for your kind review, Margaret! So glad you enjoyed it.