When Life Hurts: How to See Through Suffering | E-book


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By Pastor Mike Novotny with bonus Bible study by Dr. Bruce Becker

If you’re hurting, you know how hard it is to see your way forward. Suffering has a way of clouding your vision. It can make you feel isolated, forgotten, confused, aimless, and even hopeless.

How do you navigate the heartache in your life when you can’t control it or make sense of it?

That’s the question Pastor Mike Novotny answers in When Life Hurts. This real and sometimes raw journey through the book of Job tackles the tough questions about how pain affects your life and what to do when it does.

Complete with study questions at the end of each chapter, this book offers more than insight; it offers a guide to help you navigate your suffering in a way that honors God and anchors you in his love.

Whether you’re facing sickness, death, struggles in your marriage, loss in your career, or any other heartache, this encouraging book can help lift you out of the fog and lead you forward with hope.

Pages: 148