Undeserved: How God’s Grace Can Erase Your Failures | E-book


By Pastor Mike Novotny and Dr. Bruce Becker

God has good news for you in his Word: You can’t disqualify yourself from the power of his redeeming love and the purposes he has for your life. That’s the message seen time and time again throughout Scripture, perhaps most clearly in the life of Jacob. And in this book Pastor Mike Novotny and Dr. Bruce Becker take you on an inspiring journey through the life of this flawed individual who nonetheless experienced God’s rich blessings and was used by him for extraordinary purposes.

Jacob’s story offers much-needed encouragement to us today. He didn’t have a model marriage, perfect parenting, or an ideal family. But God’s grace overruled Jacob’s failures to unleash blessings in his life . . . and God can do the same for you today.

With engaging study questions and application sections designed to help you put these biblical truths into practice, Undeserved invites you to transform your thinking and step into a life fueled by grace.

Pages: 114