Supernatural: God at Work and on Your Side

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By Dr. Bruce Becker

God has a history of showing up in big ways just when his people need him most. The same God who moved mightily in the past stands ready to move in
your life today.

That’s the powerful promise you’ll uncover in this book by Dr. Bruce Becker.

The supernatural acts of God throughout Scripture reveal more than God’s power; they show his deep love for his children, his unfathomable wisdom at work in our lives, and his commitment to see his purposes for our lives accomplished.

And in this fascinating book, Dr. Becker takes you on a journey through the powerful ways God stepped in to bless, conquer, heal, and deliver his people throughout Scripture. As you discover God’s love through his supernatural actions, you’ll gain new confidence in his ability and desire to carry you through whatever you face today.

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Pages: 156
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Customer Reviews

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Janet Kartes

Guess I am not in the right frame of mind to read this book. I thought it would be more motivational and it appears to be more historical. Have not finished the book yet.

Thank you for the review, Janet. I hope you stick with the book until the end. The book is designed to show God's love through his supernatural actions, so that the reader may gain new confidence in His ability and desire to carry you through whatever you face today.

ladonahoud17 Houd

I really enjoyed reading the book Supernatural!

Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear you enjoyed the book!

Fox River Sports
Great book.

I don't know if i'm happy or sad, to think they fought among themselves worse back then ,than they do today.

Thank you for your review!

Julie Johnson

It is good so far! I haven't finished it yet!

Thank you, Julie!