Stories to Change Your Life | E-book


By Pastor Mike Novotny

What’s the secret to growing your faith? How about the secret to sharing it with others? Or living it out?

If you want to know the answers, Jesus has a story for you—a lot of stories, actually! During his ministry, Jesus told powerful parables, or stories, to help people understand spiritual truths about invisible things.

And in Stories to Change Your Life, youre invited to explore some of these eye-opening parables told by the greatest storyteller of all time, Jesus.

Think God can’t love you after what you’ve done? Jesus has a story for that.

Struggling to trust God’s forgiveness? Jesus has a story for that.

Afraid to share your faith? Anxious for the next generation? Overwhelmed by money issues? Find it hard to pray? Preoccupied with the worries of life?

Yep, Jesus has a story for that!

The parables of Jesus reveal the secret to living an abundant and purposeful life.

Pages: 178