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Soul Care: Nurturing Your Spiritual Wellness | E-book

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By Amber Albee Swenson

There’s a lot of talk these days about self-care. We’re encouraged to get outside, take time for ourselves, or listen to a podcast—whatever we need to care for our minds and

While it’s important to care for our mental and physical health, too often we overlook the care of our souls. And the truth is, without soul care, there is no self-care.

There’s nothing that comes even remotely close to the care of our souls. Our physical bodies die, and all our efforts at taking care of them expire. But our souls live on for eternity.

Soul Care: Nurturing Your Spiritual Wellness, written by Time of Grace author and podcaster Amber Albee Swenson, will help you care for the most important part of your being—your soul.

In this insightful book, Amber challenges you to prioritize care for your soul and provides practical, biblical wisdom to help you find lasting peace, rest, and joy as you nurture your spiritual well-being. You’ll discover that soul care is worth your time and energy because Jesus is forever, and everything else is temporary. Like your mind and body, your soul has needs, and they can only be met as you walk hand in hand with your Savior, Jesus.

Pages: 114