Sex Is Complicated | E-book


By Pastor Mike Novotny

Would you believe there was a time when sex wasn’t complicated? No baggage, no shame, no guilt, no fear. Just a husband and wife enjoying one of God’s greatest gifts, unashamed.

But then sin made a mess of God’s creation and every gift in it. Now the loudest voices about sex come from a broken world trying to find fulfillment in the gift apart from the Giver. It’s time to redeem the conversation about sex and rediscover the beautiful masterpiece God created it to be.

Complete with study sections to help you personalize and apply God’s Word to your life, this book offers practical, biblical insight into the sensitive and too-often misunderstood topic of sex.

Whether you’re searching for healing from sexual trauma, intimacy with your spouse that’s missing, or forgiveness from mistakes in your past, the answer is not out there; it’s in God’s Word. So don’t secularize your sexuality; purify it in God’s truth.

Pages: 75