Out of Context: 8 Bible Passages Most Christians Get Wrong | E-book


By Pastor Mike Novotny and Dr. Bruce Becker

One of the keys to understanding God’s Word and making his promises come alive is reading the Bible in context. How many times have you heard someone say, “The Bible says, ’Do not judge,’” only to wonder if they were applying that command correctly? When Bible passages are taken out of context, you not only miss the truth of what God intends to communicate in a given verse, chapter, or book—but you also miss out on the amazing richness of his love and plans for you revealed in the pages of his Word.

Learn how to make sense of Scripture and enjoy reading the Bible with confidence. This engaging resource walks you through eight popular statements commonly taken out of context. As you discover what they really mean, you’ll learn the skills to help you read through God’s Word confidently on your own and correctly apply his truth in your every day life.

Pages: 123