More Tough Questions


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By Dr. Bruce Becker

Now more than ever, Christians need to know how to answer tough questions . . . not to win an argument but to point a hurting world to Jesus.

More Tough Questions by Dr. Bruce Becker meets this need.

With questions based on personal conversations with people who didn't come to faith until later in life, this book helps you respond to some of the major issues people raise when it comes to believing in God, trusting Scripture, and following Jesus.

With biblical insight and practical wisdom, Dr. Becker shows you how to communicate what Christians believe in a way that not only makes a compelling case for the truth but invites others to meet the loving Savior whose truth sets us free.

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Pages: 156
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Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Seebold
More Tough Questions

This book answers many questions regarding human curiosity, heaven and hell, Satan, the god of the Christian,Jews, and Muslims, Jesus rule on earth, Baptism, The Lord’s Supper, sex and marriage, life and death. This book gives us a concise explanation of each topic using God’s word as the final authority. I highly recommend this book and look forward to the sequel.

Thanks for sharing your review!

Susan Halverson
More Tough Questions

Dr. Becker explains how the Bible answers fourteen tough questions many people have. These include topics such as hell, angels, satan, abortion to name a few. The writing is clear and concise with the Bible passage references in bold type. Through the explanations one gets a clearer understanding of how the Bible answers each question. Reading this book will help one grow in the knowledge of Scripture as related to societies questions. Highly recommended.

Thank you for your review, Susan!

Rachel John
well done

We have both "questions" books. They are on the coffee table in our living room where both my husband and I can pick one up and read when we have some time. Both of us are enjoying them and finding them very informative, well thought out, and easy to understand.

Thanks for sharing your review, Rachel! So glad the Tough Questions books have been useful resources!

Mark Kolander
It's all about Jesus

Very clear answers to important questions that deal with our life right now and our eternal life to come. It's all about Jesus and the preciousness of His Holy Word. I found the book written in a spirit of love to respectfully explain some of the teachings of our great God and Savior. I am grateful for clear attempts to stand on the truth of God's will. All praise and glory to God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

David Palmquist
Great booklet

So very helpful with difficult questions/objections that people come up with! Well done!

Thanks for your review, David!