Just as He Said: Finding Joy in What Jesus Did and Said | E-book


By Dr. Paul Kelm

Just as He Said is a Bible study for those who want to find a deeper level of insight and joy, not only because of what Jesus DID but also because of what he SAID.

When you see the connection between what Jesus did and what he said in the last days of his ministry, you will have a greater appreciation for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and how it changes you. His words dispel fears and offer hope because you know that because of what he did you can experience the eternal life you have with God, right now and forever.

Through this in-depth study with Bible readings, questions, conversation prompts, and prayer suggestions, you’ll make connections you’ve never made before. And as you do, you’ll find greater joy and satisfaction in your life as you see God’s grace for you. Just as he said.

Pages: 122