How to Deal


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By Pastor Mike Novotny and the 922 Ministries team

This is a book about how to deal with the challenges you face in life . . . but it’s not what you think.

Because when it comes to dealing with things like conflict with others, anxiety, shame, or even death, the solutions start with God’s truth transforming YOU from the inside out.

God knows every emotion, temptation, and heartache you face as you wrestle through life’s difficulties—and he wants to guide you through each one. How to Deal invites you to bring your most personal struggles before the God who loves you unconditionally and discover how his Word acts like a user manual for the meaningful life you long for.

With contributions from Pastor Mike Novotny and others who minister alongside him, you’ll discover what God says about how to deal with difficult people, anxious feelings, apathetic seasons, and much more.

Book Cover Type: Paperback
Pages: 104
Dimensions: 5 1/2" X 8 1/2"