Freedom in Forgiveness + Freedom in Forgiveness Journal | E-book Set


By Pastor Mike Novotny with bonus Bible study by Pastor Ben Sadler

You’ve been hurt. Someone in your past or someone in your present sinned against you. And now you carry the scar. Maybe you’ve been carrying it for years, a constant reminder of the pain.

Are you ready to heal? To be set free?

That’s the invitation you’ll find in this book set. Nothing about forgiveness comes easy, but the Freedom in Forgiveness book and journal give you actionable steps from God’s Word to help you choose to forgive . . . and find freedom in God’s grace.

Find engaging study questions, real-life prompts, and practical guidance to help you:

Forgive those who’ve hurt you.
Entrust justice to God.
Set healthy boundaries.
Live at peace with others.
Forgive yourself.

These books will help you step into the freedom God has for you.

Freedom in Forgiveness
Pages: 100

Freedom in Forgiveness Journal
Pages: 100