Chosen for More + Gifted for More | E-book Set


By Dr. Bruce Becker and Amber Albee Swenson

God designed you for more than you can imagine—more joy, more adventure, more growth, more purpose, and more impact. And he gifted you uniquely to fulfill his incredible calling!

Find out how you can step into a fuller life with Gifted for More by Dr. Bruce Becker. In Christ, you’ve been uniquely equipped with spiritual gifts to help you build up the church and fulfill God’s purposes.

This engaging study:

  • Helps you understand what spiritual gifts are.

  • Shows you how to discover your own giftedness.

  • Provides a spiritual gifts discovery tool that not only helps you learn what your gifts are but also helps you put those abilities into action for God’s glory.

Chosen for More by Time of Grace author and podcaster Amber Albee Swenson is the story of five everyday people and one powerful God.  This book reviews the ordinary lives of five people in the Bible who shared one common trait. They dared to come as they were for the God they served. And as they did, they changed the world around them.

Chosen for More contains truths that will captivate you by reminding you that in our everyday lives, God uses everyday people in powerful ways. We have all the traits we need to fulfill the call that he has for our lives.

Chosen for More
Pages: 48

Gifted for More 
Pages: 98