A Guide to Mental and Emotional Wellness


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By Dr. Jennifer Londgren

Exhausted . . . fragmented . . . fuzzy . . . frazzled. That’s how a lot of people describe their mental and emotional health these days.

Maybe you can identify. Maybe like so many others, your inner life feels like a tiny little flame flickering in the wind, at risk of going out.

God understands. He knows right where you’re at, and he wants to help you find healing, wholeness, and renewed joy in him.

In this book, Dr. Jennifer Londgren pairs biblical wisdom, practical principles, and clinical insight to help you recover peace, joy, clarity, and purpose. Throughout the book, you’ll also find examples and reflection breaks to help you go deeper and apply what you learn.

A committed believer who loves God’s Word, as well as a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than ten years’ experience treating patients on the brink of burnout, Dr. Londgren has a passion for helping people become the best version of themselves—the version God created them to be.

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Customer Reviews

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James Olsen
A Guie to Mental and Emotional Wellness

It was Scripturally nourishing and comforting to me, recently widowed. I passed it on to my daughter who is struggling in her marriage. It's good to know where to reach a Christian conselor.

Thank you for your review - Christian counselors are a blessing from God!

Leonard Wasserman
Very good book! I had you send the book to someone who does not believe in God .

Thank You for all you do

Thank you, Leonard!

Rebekah Daley
Needs a disclaimer

This is not a book for people suffering from mental health disorders or illnesses.

It never mentions the life saving effects of medications or how it’s advice only helps if someone has a healthy baseline.

I wish it had a disclaimer mentioning that it is a conglomeration of advice for neurotypical people on general wellbeing.

When will our churches stop confusing medical problems with spiritual problems? It is beyond frustrating. Please stop permeating the stigma that a “stronger faith will fix that problem” when the problem is an illness that needs medical intervention.

Thank you for your review, Rebekah. We agree that mental health is something to be taken seriously. This book should not be used in place of the advice of a qualified mental healthcare provider.

On chapter 4 at church book club

Excellent book. Very informative and makes you really think

Thank you, Karen!

Carol T.
Great summary of important concepts

Read it in two days. I will return to it to think through the discussion questions. Possibly use it for future Bible study/life groups. Bought extra copies to give away.
Great summary of many things I’ve already know/read about, plus additional insights on research and relating truths from God’s Word.

Thank you, Carol!