Taboo: Topics Christians Should Be Talking About But Don’t


By Pastor Mike Novotny

A one-stop resource for Biblical truths on the toughest questions and most challenging situations including anxiety, depression, sexual intimacy, marriage, and more.

Hot-button issues dominating our culture can make speaking out feel taboo. Hiding from hard conversations won’t work. We need to know what God actually says about these issues, and by looking to Scripture, we can find the answers.

In Taboo, author Mike Novotny covers deeply personal, vulnerable, and emotional topics, handling them with grace and respect. It’s the ultimate resource for Christians looking to create change and deal with struggles in their own lives.

God’s Word gives us clarity, healing, and hope. Taboo is a must-read for Christians looking for a biblically based resource to modern questions.

Not talking is not helping! It’s time for believers to step gracefully into the Taboo and share God’s truth with a world in need.

Book Cover Type: Paperback 
Pages: 364
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Customer Reviews

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Karen Lindemann
Excellent Reference Book

The book Taboo helped me understand concerns I have as to how to answer questions that arise regarding the topics discussed. It's an excellent reference book to have on hand as well as it refreshes my own understanding of topics discussed.

Becky Bauer
Great information!

The only complaint that I have about excellent book is that it needed to be about 2,000 pages long to cover more material. I guess that I will have to wait for the next “Taboo” book….and hope that there is one, or two, or three. I love all of Mike’s books that I have received, and look forward to those that will follow.

Thank you, Becky! We will continue to put out books from Pastor Mike as long as the Lord blesses our ability to do so!

Ruth Cameron
This is the review I left on Amazon

It’s a must book for the whole world
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 February 2024
I’m from Scotland, and we as a community/church struggle with all these topics. It’s such a grace filled book, so balanced, so biblical sound. You can’t read this book without being challenged/changed yet feel the grace and mercy of our saviour. I agree with the other three reviews, it’s hard to put into words the impact this book will have on every individual that reads it. I will read it again AND again. Because I need to.
Thank you Mike for the years of studying God holy word, and sharing with us. Your vulnerability makes it easier to admit my sin and wanting to follow my saviour more.
Thank you

Thank you for the wonderful review, Ruth! We pray that TABOO continues to be blessing to you and to all around the world that receive it!

Daniel Schmidt
A Rescouce Book You'll Keep Coming Back To

Taboo is one of the best if not the best rescource books you can have in your library to hep you navigate some of the hardest and most relavent topics of our day. The best part: it's full of Jesus. Every chapter is full of biblical truth and lots of grace. Forgiveness fills these pages. Taboo will bless you and the people you love the most!

Thank you for your wonderful review, Daniel! We pray that TABOO is a blessing to you and many others!