You Can Trust God When Life Hurts


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By Amber Albee Swenson

What do you do when life hurts?

Everyone needs to know how to answer that question because everyone, at some point, gets hurt.

How do you respond when your children make devastating choices? Where do you turn when death robs you of a loved one? What do you cling to when the dreaded diagnosis comes in?

You need more than bubbly inspiration to see you through life’s storms. You need a God who meets you in the blurry confusion of heartache and carries you through to the other side.

That’s the loving Father you’ll meet in this book by Amber Albee Swenson, which takes you through the Bible to reveal how God always comes through when his people trust him in their pain.

Discover how to find faith when things don’t make sense, adopt a hope-filled perspective in hard times, receive grace for when you fail, and so much more!

Whether you’re navigating hurt right now or fortifying your faith for the days to come, You Can Trust God When Life Hurts will help you live with hope in God no matter what comes your way.

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Pages: 139
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Customer Reviews

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helpful reminders

As a widow, I can appreciate and affirm Amber's advice to seek God and to gather a group to encourage, correct and support you. God is good and I trust He will work according to His will in the prodigals I know. Wonderful guide to help us search and understand God's Word for the hard times in our lives. Thank you, Amber!

Thank you for your review!

Rachel John
Soul Food

I am completely sold on this book. As a recent widow, it has been helpful; but in addition, she covers so many situations that apply to many aspects of my life. I eagerly look forward to each chapter as I sit with the Lord each morning.

Thank you for your review, Rachel!

Understandable words about life and God

Like Amber's words and comments as well as questions with each chapter. Easy to pick up as time allows

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Chuck Engelhart
Very good

Thoughtful writing

Christopher Chernick
You Can Trust God when It Hurts

I got this book and I read it cover to cover - it was very comforting in my situation. I find myself trusting God in all the troubles that I come upon. I had an incident with the Department of Motor Vehicle and I prayed about it and I was absolved of all charges.... of which I was innocent....
God is so good to me and all believers....
Praise the Lord!