How to Fight Anxiety With Joy


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By Linda Buxa

You know the feeling . . . worry snowballing into panic, stress literally harming your health. It’s the crushing weight of anxiety.

Anxiety can make everyday tasks difficult. It can make true challenges seem insurmountable. It robs you of peace, sleep, confidence, and productivity. Anxiety robs you of life.

But God offers relief from your fears, hope in your heartache, and yes ... even joy in your anxiety.

Experience these promises in real, tangible ways with How to Fight Anxiety With Joy by Linda Buxa. This 28-day guide shares daily devotions filled with God’s wisdom, along with proven tips to help lessen your anxiety and stress as you learn to rejoice in God’s love no matter what circumstances you face.

God loves you and has an amazing plan to give you joy—now and eternally.

Book Cover Type: Spiral-bound Paperback
Pages: 86
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Customer Reviews

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Becky Swanson
Fighting Anxiety with Joy

I loved this book. There were so many wonderful suggestions and great reminders that we are chosen by God and my identity is that I am a child if God not that I am someone with anxiety.
I thought it was so helpful for me that I bought one for my sister.

Thank you, Becky! We're glad to hear the book has been a blessings to you and that you have shared it with your sister!


I just got mine today & will start reading it. I do love that that it is small enough to go in my purse & is bound in a spiral. Very convenient to grab & read on the go.