Jesus Knows: 90 Days Through the Gospels


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By Pastor Ben Sadler

Are you feeling stressed? hurt? lonely? What about angry? heartbroken? burned out?

Jesus knows exactly how you feel—because hes felt it too. And he wants to walk with you through whatever youre facing today. Find strength and comfort for the road youre on in this book by Pastor Ben Sadler.

Jesus Knows guides you through reading the biblical accounts of Jesus life, death, and resurrection. You will see that your Savior knows what it’s like to be hungry, sick, forgotten, abused. He laughed with friends. Longed for his mom. Cried out to God from pain and fear. Jesus knows what you’re going through—and he knows how to lead you through it.

Because the same God who suffered with us is the same one who conquered sin to save us.

This book is perfect for Bible study groups

  • Each of the 90 days begins with a listing of the passages to read from the gospels.
  • Then you’ll read a short summary of this section of Jesus’ story. 
  • Then you’ll respond to 2 or 3 “For Further Study” questions. Here are a couple of examples:
    • How might you practice Sabbath rest, not as a law but as a gift of God?
    • Why might you find comfort that even John the Baptist went through a time of doubt?
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Pages: 192
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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Chernick
Great Workbookl

I got this 90 Day workbook for the gospels. I do the reading every day.
The readings are well coordinated and link the same story through two, three or even four books. There are good summaries for the day and relevant challenging questions. A true blessing for a beginner or a long time Christian.
Thank you fir the work to put this together.

So glad this has been a helpful resource, Chris! Thanks for reviewing!