Fake News/Real Jesus | Series


In a world of spin, bias, and fake news, who can figure out what’s truth and what’s a lie? In the weeks leading up to Easter, TV stations air special episodes and new books promise readers the chance to find the “real Jesus.” But Jesus, who is full of truth, spoke clearly about who he is. This seven-part series examines Jesus’ identity from the words of his closest friend, John, introducing us to a real Savior who makes a real difference in our real lives. 2 DVD set or 4 CD set


  1. Easter Is Powerful for Me     
  2. Meet the Real Jesus!       
  3. Why Jesus Is Who You Need     
  4. Finding Joy in the Unexpected   
  5. Turning the Church Upside Down     
  6. You Must Be Born Again       
  7. The Satisfaction You Crave