God & Gender | Series


In recent years, culture has turned the historic view of gender upside down. From gender identity to God’s masculine and feminine characteristics, everything that used to be certain is now questioned. This eight-part series forces us back to God’s timeless truth to find a rock-solid understanding of gender from the God who created chromosomes, children in the womb, and his one and only Son.  2 DVD set or 4 CD set.


  1. God’s Design for Men & Women (Part 1)   
  2. God’s Design for Men & Women (Part 2)     
  3. In the Church (Part 1)     
  4. In the Church (Part 2)   
  5. In Marriage (Part 1)     
  6. In Marriage (Part 2)   
  7. What About Transgender? (Part 1)     
  8. What About Transgender? (Part 2)