Gay & God: Loving Everyone God Made and Everything God Wrote


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By Pastor Mike Novotny

Jesus wanted his people to be known for their love. But sadly, love is often the last thing homosexuals find in the church.

This popular resource from Time of Grace called Gay & God shows you the deep meaning and true significance of Jesus’ words, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It also teaches you what the Bible actually says on the topic of homosexuality—and empowers you to show practically the love of Christ in a culture where being gay is the new normal.  

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Pages: 64
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Customer Reviews

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Gary Hovis
Teaches Love no matter what

I bought the book for for daughters partners parents who are true believers but can’t get over their daughter being gay. This addresses the issue in words they know and believe in. Thought provoking enough to change minds which is the goal. God's love for all because he created all. He knew her before she was born and what her life would be. The subject is truly LOVE ALL no matter what.

Jonathan Elliott
Love everyone!

Loving everyone on the planet, even if you don't understand who or what they stand for, what they look like, how they dress, or their beliefs. Loving everyone unconditionally as Jesus loved us first..... But also loving His word and scriptures, teachings and promises.


I love the compassionate balance of this book. It goes back and forth between Love God and Love Your Neighbor. It shows how you can do both and stay true to your Biblical beliefs. Mike Novotny always shows such love and compassion in every subject he deals with. This is a great book to share with others. I think it handles a tough topic in a very non-offensive way.

Gay & God

Purchased this book as my sister's granddaughter sent me an invitation to her "wedding". Some time later they came up north with my sister. This book explains why we respect/love each other. I can still tell her I love them and know Jesus does also. "Love your neighbor as yourself" understood. I can look at the rainbow again, but now as a bow. Thank you.

Margaret Kistler

I did not read the book, I ordered "Gay and God" for a federal inmate. He did not receive the book, apparently because prison staff decided the content was politically incorrect.
Yet this teaching is both needed and wanted by inmates.

So sorry to hear that it was never delivered. We are happy to try sending another copy--please check your email to confirm shipping information. Thank you, Margaret!